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This program is a poster or banner creation tool for Windows
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ProPoster is a poster or banner creation tool for Windows. It allows you to create big-size banners or posters on your own computer and without using plotting printers or special hardware. The application uses your regular printer to create the posters. It divides images into smaller pages that you can print. It makes it easy for you to put them together once you have printed them all, by printing patterns on the pictures that you can use to figure out the order and where to glue them together.

Proposter can create banners and posters of up to 10 meters by 10 meters. When you add a picture, ProPoster will stretch it so it is as big as it can be. You can change the image size from the size setup controls, to the right of the image preview. There are different built-in profiles to use, and each one shows the size in centimeters. You can set the poster to keep the image's aspect ratio, or you can stretch it to fill the profile that you have chosen.

You can create posters with pretty much every graphic's editing tool, granted. But ProPoster is a VERY easy alternative. In all honesty, you can create a huge poster in 2 simple steps. Just add the image and print it. Proposter divides the image in different pages, and you can zoom in to see those, but you can't edit pictures in any way.

José Fernández
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  • It allows you to print banners and posters with regular equipment


  • Moving images is a little awkward
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